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PBEO Business of Baseball Workshop Part 2

December 14, 2009

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve enjoyed the Business of Baseball Workshop notes so far! Here are some more 🙂

Sam Bernabe, GM, Iowa Cubs
Mike Tamburro, President, Pawtucket Red Sox
Ken Young, President, Norfolk Tides

-Sam: Take the job as it’s offered to you. Don’t wait around.
-Mike: Sales is a perfect way to learn and get in the industry. Don’t be afraid of sales.
-Ken: Learn to accept rejection.
-Sam: Sales experience makes you more marketable. We don’t care how big a baseball fan you are, we want to know you’ll work hard.
-Ken: You’ve gotta do every job that’s there.
-Mike: As young people in the industry we want to see your creativity!

North Johnson, GM, Myrtle Beach Pelicans
“How to get a baseball job.”

A is for attitude.
B is for business.
C is for crying: There’s no crying in baseball!; Also, Creative.
D is for diginity: Leave it at the door!
E is for effort: Show up ready to work!
F is for focus.
G is for grounds crew.
H is for hours: Be prepared to work A LOT of hours!
I is for intense.
J is for just do what you’re told!
K is for Kool-Aid: Just drink it!
L is for loyalty.
M is for mascot.
N is for never comment on the weather or the length of the game.
O is for overtime.
P is for pocket schedules; Promotions; Passion.
Q is for quitters.
R is for rain.
S is for slump buster.
T is for taxi.
U is for utility.
V is for vacation.
W is for wallet.
X is for x-cellence.
Y is for YouTube.
Z is for zoo keeper.

Pat O’Conner, President & CEO, Minor League Baseball
“Positioning yourself for success.”

-“Luck is the residue of design.”
Prospects vs. Projects (You want to be a prospect!)
-Prospects understand the game; What it takes.
-Works hard.
-No job is too big or small.
-Projects take time to develop; Lack of get-up and go.
-“If you’re going to eat at the table, make sure you’re going to bring something to the table.”
-Within every problem there an opportunity.

-You have to be willing to work hard.
-Never take shortcuts.
-Peserverance, persistance & hard work.
-Create reputation as go-to person.
-Be honest; Size up abilities in terms of job requirements.
-Fully invest time & energy to organization & baseball.
-“The will to win is importance, the will to prepare is vital.”
-Ethics: Even the great are prone to fall. Ethics matter, listen to that little voice in your head when a decision needs to be made.
-Is it fair to all concerned? Is it the right thing to do? –> Ask yourself when making decisions.
-Listening is an art & acquired skill. “You have two ears & one mouth for a reason.”

Develop a Network
-Single most effective tool for career growth.
-Do not abuse network.
-Work with your network & cultivate the relationships.
-Be honest with yourself & those in your network.
-Respect profession.
-Invest in development of network.
-Keep quality people & be a quality person.
-If you are not known to listen to your network, then your network will stop talking to you.
-Develop listening skills.

Pat O’Conner’s Pearls of Wisdom
-Don’t dance on tables.
-Know who your friends are.
-It’s a marathon, not a sprint.
-Act like you know what you’re doing & they won’t know the difference.

Manny Colon, Assistant, Player Development, Florida Marlins
“Player Development & Minor League Baseball.”

-Be willing to do whatever it takes to finish all tasks set forth your way.
-Realize the patience & dedication needed to advance in this industry.
-Be able to communicate.
-Have passion.
-Network, network!
-Have fun 🙂

Katie Dannemiller, VP Baseball Operations, Greensboro Grasshoppers
“Baseball as a Career: Become a Front Office Five-Tool Player.”

What you need to succeed:
-Be humble
-Hoppin fun

Steps to help make baseball your career:
-Don’t let technology get in your way.
-Don’t forget the beauty of a handwritten note.

“Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.” -Erich Fromm