PBEO Business of Baseball Workshop

December 7, 2009

Hello….I know, I know, I haven’t written in awhile. Was waiting for inspiration to strike as always 🙂 Anyway, here I am. As many of you know one of my interests is sports. Well this week I am lucky to be attending the MLB Winter Meetings in Indianapolis, IN. As part of the Winter Meetings I am attending the Professional Business Employment Opportunities (PBEO) Job Fair.

Today was the first day of the PBEO Job Fair. The Business of Baseball Workshop gave us a wonderful look into the real life experiences of Minor League Baseball. While it was a long day, I left filled with information about Minor League Baseball and hope to share it with you here.

This won’t be a normal blog post, but I think many of you, particularly those searching for jobs in sports, will find this information very valuable. I apologize for the length, but they shared plenty of information with us. Later in the week I will add some links and contact information for your reference. Also, some of the information may not make sense as it only pertains to the PBEO Job Fair. Enjoy 🙂

Business of Baseball Workshop

Dr. Susan Foster, Professor Saint Leo University & President of Sport Business Consulting, Inc.
So you want to work in the sports industry?”

-It’s not who you know, but who knows you!
-Sell your SPORT experience vs. just your work experience.
-Even if you don’t have sport experience, SELL IT! i.e. If you work at a bank you probably have good customer service skills, deal with clients, sales, etc.
Networking & Using Connections
-Invite someone to lunch for informational interview
-Socials and dinners –>Introduce yourself!
The Interview
-Treat each one as THE most important position. Even if it’s not your dream position.
-Answer questions fully, but don’t ramble.
-Always have at least 2 good questions.
-Study their website.
Phone Interviews
-Treat as if interviewer is in the room with you.
-Some say still dress the part.
-Prepare, prepare, prepare.
All Interviews
-Send an e-mail & drop a personalized note to interviewer(s).
The Cover Letter
-Tell them the exact position you are applying for.
-You are APPLYING, not inquiring or other words.
-Eliminate the flowery stuff.
-Don’t tell them you’re a fan. Teams want you to work hard, not get distracted by your favorite ball player.
-Skills, sell yourself.
4 P’s of Marketing
-Price: Unpaid, minimum wage,housing, parking??
-Place: Where are you willing to go? What price are you willing to pay?

Martie Cordaro, General Manager, Omaha Royals
“It’s about passion and effort.”

-“I don’t have a job, I don’t have a career, I have a passion!”
-You should be willing to do anything.
-Ask the direct question: Will I be learning while I’m working or will I be just another body?
-It’s about effort! Believing in what your organization is doing. Put yourself out there!

Rob Crain, Assistant GM, Marketing, Omaha Royals
“Expect the unexpected!”

-Find a mentor!
-Get to love the Job Postings Room.
-Don’t get caught up in your “fan-hood.” For example, if you’re a die-hard Cubs fan, don’t be opposed to applying with the White Sox.
-Come with an openmind. Apply for jobs outside your home town.
-Apply for a lot of jobs.
-You must be willing to sell.
-Relax. Don’t stress. Hard decisions come later.
-Go out tonight.
-Get to love the Interview Posting Room.
-Keep an eye on Interview Posting Room.
-Not your normal interview.
-This is a “get to know you” discussion.
-Get to know people, both other job seekers & the employers.
-Go out again!
Wednesday: “Today is the Day”
-Second interviews & second guesses.
-Go to the Gala!
-Go to the bar after the gala, you never know who you’re going to meet!
-Don’t be afraid to take a risk.
-Make the best decision for YOU.
-Take a look back & reflect.

Rob Zerjav, General Manager, Wisconsin Timber Rattlers
“Working in sports: How can I make that happen?

Long range planning
-Decide what you want to be
-Research careers
-Map out your path
-Internship is of utmost importance
-Be familiar with team, venue, product
-Start as a game day employee
-Positive, positive, positive
-Go above and beyond
-Strong work ethic
-Don’t give up on your dream
-Continuous learning
-Be passionate

So that’s a lot so far and I still have 5 pages of notes to type up! I’ll post the rest tomorrow or throughout the week 🙂


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