the third times a charm..

May 7, 2009

And I’m back 🙂 Now let’s hope this attempt is more successful than the previous ones! This is my 3rd attempt at creating a blog, but regardless I’m still feeling confident that I’ll be able to pull this one off. Mostly because things are different now. I’m older. I’m done with college. And I’m beginning the journal that is called “the real world.”

When I decided to try a blog again I kind of felt like a hypocrite. I’ve read other blogs, both good & bad, and laughed as people shared random stories of their lives. I appreciate a good blog about sports, social media, or entertainment, but when an entire blog post is dedicated to your dog Fluffy I get a little bored. With that in mind I’ve decided to focus my blog a little better. Sure, I’ll blog about the life of a recent college graduate, but I’ll do my best to keep the boring details out of it. I’ll leave it up to my FB status and Twitter to keep you updated on the minute to minute happenings of my life. Unless you want them of course 🙂

Sports. Public Relations/Social Media. & the stories of a 23-year-old college graduate. That’s what I plan on talking about. Ideas are always welcome & your comments will always be appreciated.

For now that’s it. As an intern at Weber Shandwick I have a busy day ahead of me, as always. I have 3 ideas I’ve thought of posting about for my first official blog post. Please share your opinions!

-The Tainting of America’s Pastime: Manny Ramirez (And other athletes using performing enhancing drugs)

-Bristol Palin, Meghan McCain: Abstinence, Sexual Desire & the GOP

-“Paying It Forward” (Obviously not as serious as the others, but I really want to write about people performing random acts of kindness..A lady giving a homeless guy orange juice inspired me)

-And anything you’d like to know about the life of a Chicago PR Agency Intern 🙂 Haha.


Megan XoXo


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